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Sony Reader is a great device for reading eBooks. It is sold only in USA, thus it lacks the full support for all languages. But it is not that bad. Smart people discovered the way to update fonts embedded in Reader, so you can read books in Unicode TXT and LRF formats easily. RTF still needs a small conversion even if it is properly displayed on the computer.

RTF Conversion

I found the way to encode the problematic characters in RTF so that Reader can display them. (For people familiar with RTF: replaces \'xx with \u1234).

  • Converts non-ANSI characters (East European, Russian, Greek, ...) to Unicode
  • Process more files at once
  • Changes the left alignment to full alignment and indents the first paragraph line (bonus option)
  • Adds Author tag to RTF (bonus option)
You can use this application even only for those two bonuses, but please have in mind that the application is very simple. And I havenít tested it so much. It is optimized for RTFs generated by ABC Amber Palm Converter. If you encounter any problems with your RTF, just contact me and I will try to fix it.

Preparing the eBook

I start with PDB file, use ABC Amber Palm Converter (font Times New Roman, 16pt) to convert to RTF, and finally use RTF Unicode Converter to change the text alignment to full (a.k.a. justify) and add authorís name.

RTF Convert

Version History
1.20 Support for more input RTF file formats
Progress shown during the conversion
1.10 Process more files at once


1.5.2009 © Jan Adamec