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3D Viewer

You will need some external VRML viewer for a 3D viewing; it is not part of the installation program. Two of them are described below, both of them use Internet browser's window for the viewing.

Please, study the viewer's help, navigation in virtual worlds is quite difficult (before you get accustomed to it). All moves are performed with mouse (press left mouse button and drag). There are three exploring modes: Walk/Plan, Pan/Slide (including panning and flying), Turn/Tilt (rotating the view), you can switch among them using the buttons in the viewer (see images). If you switch off gravity you can fly.

Room Arranger generates several sights of the project for you. They are accessible in the Viewpoint list and you can go through all of them using keys Page Down and Page Up. The first viewpoint is the start position you choose in the program.

  • Cortona

    Strengths: well arranged navigation. Use keys for switching between modes: Alt = pan, Space = turn
    Tips: (in Preferences) on the Navigation page select Always for Animate viewpoints, and on Renderer page you can try to check Idle-time at AntiAliasing.

    ParallelGraphics Cortona

  • BS Contact VRML (recommended for advanced users)

    Strengths: very, very fast even on slow computers. Game-Like navigation W, A, S, D and mouse for rotation
    Tips: decrease the movement speed (mouse wheel)

Confirming Yellow Bar in Internet Explorer for Windows XP SP2

How to overcome Allowing ActiveX content (VRML viewer) in Microsoft Internet Explorer in Windows XP SP2?
There are two known solutions: you can either use Firefox, or go to menu Tools - Internet Options...
Select Advanced tab and go to Security section.
Then check Allow active content to run in files on My Computer and Allow active content from CDs to run on My Computer

3D Testing Scene

If you have VRML viewer successfully installed, you should see and walk through the following scene.

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